Saturday, July 5, 2014

First Day after Surgery

Tim is doing amazing! He was very nauseated for the first 24 hours :( But he is doing much better today. We are just resting and taking it one step at a time. Manna for one day at a time. God IS providing. Tim even got up in his wheelchair for a little while yesterday! One strong, determined young man! We had surgical, follow up xrays. They looked great! Tim's new GAP rod is holding strong and the femur is nice and straight. I can not tell you how incredible the staff are up here. Dr. Fassier stopped in yesterday morning and personally called us last night just to make sure we were informed and to check on Tim. The xray tech brought us "Timsbits" from Tim Hortons (donut holes). One of the nurses snuck us ice cream bars for an evening snack. No matter where we go God put on skin for us to physically show us we are not alone! Thank you for praying. We are humbled!!

Thursday, July 3, 2014

Surgery DONE!

Tim is out of surgery! We have not been able to see him yet. Dr. Fassier was very pleased! He was able to remove the old bent rod and he told us that is was bent worse than the xrays revealed. He did two osteotomies (surgical bone fracture sites) and placed a new, straight, stronger rod! He also said Tim did not require a blood transfusion which is a HUGE answer to prayer. We give all the glory to the Great Physician!!! Praise God that they were able to take the old rod out! Praise God that the new rod is now placed! Praise God that Tim did not need a transfusion! Pray for pain control. Pray that over the next several weeks complete bone healing occurs. Tim is such a warrior!!! Thanks for your prayers!!!

Tim is in Surgery

Tim went into surgery at 12:50. He was smiling and ready and nervous. Dr. Fassier would not give us a time on how long it would take. "It is done, when I am done. I have nothing else scheduled for today." Keep praying!!!

Wednesday, July 2, 2014

Arrived Safely in Montreal

Tim, Erika, and I arrived safety in Montreal about 8:30 last night. Interesting day of travel. It was Canada Day so many places were closed, the hotel was packed, and there were fireworks in the city! We had a good night's sleep and headed to the hospital this morning. The staff here are incredible. We were greeted with hugs and smiles from tons of the staff. We are so blessed to have a second, adopted family here. Tim's surgery is tentatively scheduled for 1200 tomorrow. We are busy meeting with nurses, lab techs, residents and anesthesia. Tim is in good spirits! We had a great talk with our sweet friend from Mississippi, Grandma Gail just before crossing into Canada. She reminded us that we have every right to attack Satan and gain back Tim's walking. We are claiming this as Christ's victory! Thank you for the continued prayers!! We rest in God's hands. We rest in Christ's strength. We STAND on His promises!!

Monday, June 30, 2014

Heading Back for Surgery

Tomorrow, Tim, Erika, and I will be heading back to Montreal. Tim will be admitted to the Shriner's Hospital on Wednesday morning. On Thursday, Tim will be having surgery on his right femur. This is a very delicate surgery. Tim broke this leg in the car accident 2 years ago. The rod and bone are bowing more. If Tim is going to do more walking this leg needs to be fixed. Dr. Fassier will take the old bent rod out and cut the femur bone in 2 spots to straighten the leg and then place a new rod. They are telling us to plan on the surgery taking most of the day. Tim will loose a lot of blood. He will most likely need a couple of transfusions. After the surgery, the big fear is that the femur pieces can rotate on the new rod. That would not be good. We covet your prayers! God is good! He is faithful! This is a step out in faith to help Tim gain back his ability to walk. There is risk involved but Tim is 100% sure he needs to keep pushing forward. God can do anything but fail! We are trusting Him totally!
Prayer requests:

  • Safe travels
  • Our family members that would love to be with us but can't (we are split up again as a family during a hard time)
  • That the old rod comes out well
  • That the new rod goes in well
  • That there would be minimal blood lose
Love, The Boschs  Kevin, Debra, Chris, Erika, Allison, & Tim

Friday, May 3, 2013

Day 2 After Surgery

Wow! What a journey. Tim is doing ok. Sore and very swollen. Tim's arm and hand are very swollen. It is very uncomfortable for Tim. It is hard for him to find a comfortable position. We hope to head the car for home tomorrow. It will be a long, hard journey for Tim. Please pray for both Tim and me. Pray that he will be able to tolerate the journey and that I will be able to drive the 12 hours without worrying about Tim :S It still amazes me the little gifts God places in our day. We had Pasta Day in the cafeteria. The chef was so sweet. He personally had to make up my tray to make sure I had "all the good stuff!!" Dr. Fassier is out of town at a conference. He had to call us and check to see how Tim was doing. The new resident stopped in this morning and said the surgery was "amazing!!" The radial nerve can stop functioning just by "looking at it. But Tim's was buried in all the scar bone. We had to chisel it out of bone. It is a miracle that Tim is moving his hand!!!" Wow!!! Our God is a God of miracles!!! God STILL DOES MIRACLES!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Just talked with Dr. Fassier. We gave him a run for his money again :) Tim's bone was very marbleized. He had a very difficult time isolating the radial nerve. He did a lot of very careful chiseling. Once the nerve was isolated the rodding went well. Dr. Fassier was very pleased to see that the bone was very vascular. Good sign that the bone will heal on it's own. There was fear that at the old fracture site the bone was dead. Wow! God is so good. I am speechless.....All praise belongs to Him!!! Tim is sore and nauseated but still smiling :)